About Me

My name is Miranda Bacon. I am an aspiring graphic designer from Phoenix, Arizona. All my life, I’ve grown up loving art. I was constantly doodling and drawing any time I had free time. Now, I use graphic design as my creative outlet. I love creating new work for clients and pushing myself to improve my work.

One of my favorite things about graphic design is that it is so diverse. I’m not stuck sitting at a 9-to-5 jobs working on the same thing over and over again. I get to use graphic design to let my creativity run wild. I love learning and trying new techniques. I’m constantly searching for new ideas to use in my own work.

Recently, I’ve really been working on hand lettering and typography. Typography is a timeless graphic design skill that has been around for ever. I’m always so intrigued to find new fonts to incorporate into my work. As for hand lettering, it is a hobby that has turned into a passion. I have been practicing hand lettering for the past two years and since then, I have had the opportunity to use my skills to create beautiful signs for different events, like weddings and baby showers.